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We know search engines, and we know your readers. Let’s create something that resonates with both, something that converts, that makes you money.

Tell Your Story

He who tells the most fascinating story, wins the day. Stories are good, a great story makes the difference.

We launch brands through innovative marketing, from conception to creation to conversion.

Blog & Article Copywriting

Armed with real-time data from leading content marketing tools, such as Google Analytics, BuzzSumo, Searchmetrics, Moz and MarketMuse, we blog with intent. No fluff, no filler. Just value.

Email Marketing - Newsletters

Our editorial team will take newsletter writing hassle off your schedule. Allowing you to keep current and prospective customers informed about your brand and engaged with your product and service offerings.

Product Description

When it comes to sales, even the most well-reviewed products don’t sell themselves. It takes a bit of finesse, and some clever, not to mention properly optimized product descriptions for people to click “Add To Cart”

That’s where we come in.

Press Release

If you don’t know how to write a press release — or simply don’t have enough hours in the day to fit press release writing into your schedule — you’re in luck. Our team of writers knows how to write press releases that attract media attention for your news, event or announcement

Your Brief. Our Mission.

Our Content Creation Services

We don’t just create contents, we track and we measure, combining the force of our in-house writers and graphics designers, the next content with your name on it won’t go un-noticed.

The best part, we prove your ROI.

Our Approach

Here's a summary of how we get results for our clients.

Strategic Research & Analysis

We’ll start with a comprehensive audit of your current content assets, we align your current state with your goal, then we’ll produce an extensive action plan that includes fixes and content schedules.

Agile Content Planning & Development

We’ll build your content castle with agile sprints for a disciplined quality assurance system, It’s your business so we won’t put out a single creative that doesn’t follow your brand aesthetics and voice.

Distribution, Reporting & Optimization

Your brand begins to receive all the attention online. We prepare a clear report of your social reach and KPI tracking along with visibility in our optimization cycles across all major platforms. Nothing is lost in the crack.

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It takes 2 working days to setup your account and get everything running. The setup days are an add-on to your first month so you get 30+2 days in the first month. 

The key performance indicators we look at for contents are site engagement, website traffic. time on site, click through rates and conversions.  All of these metrics influence sales in the long-term. You will see these metrics increasing monthly, and we will track our progress to see how this is working for you.

A globally certified marketing specialist is assigned to manage your accounts. Depending on your service choice, the skills will be a perfect match. Copywriting specialists will handle copywriting jobs, social media and community managers handle social media jobs, email marketing professionals handle email marketing jobs, etc. All members of our team have years of relevant marketing  experience.

We have an office at 72B Surulere way dolphin estate Ikoyi Lagos. However, we are working towards a 100% remote work condition, so we prefer to communicate online. If we must have a  face to face, please call 08169046459 to schedule an appointment.

Yes, the professional plan pricing enables your social dedicated account manager to monitor your accounts for comments, messages, and reviews. If we know the answer to the question or comment, we would respond accordingly. If we do not know the answer, we will direct the question to you and notify you via email.

No, you do not have to provide us with content. However, if you have content, we are happy to use it! The team at ContentMarketer can develop unique content that fits your brand. We have access to stock photography, simple design tools, as well as relevant news sources. We can use this to develop content to engage your audience.

After you select your best fit plan and proceed with checkout. We will send you an exclusive on-boarding document that serves as our date menu. It helps you give us internal details about your business, what you do, who you serve and what you’re trying to accomplish. Once we have these details, your dedicated account manager will review everything, conduct more research and then prepare a content plan and strategy document which will be submitted to you for approval before we proceed with content creation. We also ask our clients to give us strong feedback on the posts so we can continue to get better on their business everyday!

If you want to also be  posting to your content channel while we are posting, that is completely fine! After all, they are YOUR channels 😊.  We will work with you to create a posting synergy. 

If you have any specific topics, keyword, or posts  you want us to make for your company all you need to do is contact your account manager anytime and we will publish your post  on schedule

Welcome to the other room, we will provide answers to any questions you may have, kindly send an email to [email protected] or call 0816-904-6459 to speak with us. 

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