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We’re a bunch of people who eat, sleep and breath digital. Our strength is in making your business grow, using quality and original content to attract new customers, convert them to buyers and engage with them through time.


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Our story

From the Get-Go, we  started off as a Content Marketing Agency. We understand that the future of marketing is about creating lasting experiences that goes beyond making a sale to  actually building brand evangelists. The business that must win, must provide these experiences. That is why we built this company just to help you win.

We have consistently put our self at the forefront of Content Marketing in Nigeria. We have been helping and teaching people how to create killer online content. Not those chunk of corporate text that companies and brands put on their website and social media pages. We are talking Valuable information that attracts attention, drives traffic, and builds your business. 

Our Clients

We work for some of the coolest businesses in town

We're Your Ideal Agency

Some companies are good at getting Traffic, But they don’t know how to turn that traffic into money. On the other side of the divide, companies that know how to monetize their visitors aren’t getting enough organic traffic, or are paying too high to get them on PPC, ContentMarketer will place your company and brand right where you want it to be using what is known as Content Marketing…

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  • If you’ve come this far, let’s talk and your needs, and how we can take your brand from good, to great. From awesome, to blossom! From pretty good, to eff yeah! If you’re looking for a creative brand agency, a content developer, a marketing guru, an e-commerce master, a graphic designer, a video director, product developer, and email genius; find it all in one call.