110+ Social Media Post Ideas

social media post ideas

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Struggling with what to post on social media daily is one of the biggest headaches that small business owners and marketers face day-in  day-out.

If you feel this way, or you’ve felt uninspired and desperate for a fresh idea of what to post on social media, you’re in luck!

Truly, figuring out what to post everyday can be as daunting as it could be, in fact, this is where a lot of marketers and business owners abandon the content creation process for the day and hope to come back tomorrow.

But guess what, tomorrow is the same, it continues and before you know it days have passed and you haven’t posted any meaningful thing on your platforms. 

This has consequences as you know that the success of social media is in quality content + consistency.

How then do you overcome this daily tussle between growing your business and actually putting out quality content that attracts and informs your audience?

Read till end to find out!

We have put together over 110 post ideas you can use on your personal or business social media right away based on our years of experience and study.

We’ve even put together a cheat sheet that has these post ideas which you can download right away and use. 

No jests, if in less than 3 minutes after reading this post till the end you still don’t know what to post, then we might need to have a chat with you to understand what your business is all about and how to align your business goals with reality.

We are confident in these ideas because they are not myths nor imaginations, these are tested and proven ideas that have been successful in growing engagements and followers and very importantly; saving business owners and marketers 10 to 15  hours daily.

Knowing what to post on social media is more than just having an idea, it’s more like having a document that tells you exactly what should go up on your channels now. 

Sometimes, inside of you, in your head you have an idea of what to post, a perfect imagination of how you want the post to look like, but when you pull up your computer to start writing, it  suddenly does not make sense to you, or you simply can’t remember.

You could become doubtful of whether it will resonate with your audience or whether it is even relevant at all.

This post will eliminate all those doubts because these are not mere ideas, they are proven records of success. 

Before we get started with the post ideas, let’s take a quick look at the various channels and how to use them.

Social media channels where you can use these post ideas

Whether you are an Instagram rock star or a Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn veteran, these post ideas are suitable.

You just have to adopt it to the nature of the channel you have chosen and the audience you are communicating with.

If you’re struggling to figure out which social media channel makes the most sense for your business, we highly recommend you narrow your options down to Instagram or Facebook.

Although generating organic engagements on Facebook and twitter have proven to be more and more difficult, Facebook will be really helpful when you decide to advertise as a small business which is why you should have a prior relation with the audience on the platform.  

We recommend that you use tools like IFTTT and Zapia to automate sharing your posts across other platforms where you’re present too.

Who can use these social media post ideas?

Whether you are a one man/woman entrepreneur, or you are working full time but have a side hustle, thinking of taking a switch from corporate employment to the business world, or you are a full time business owner with employees, this content is well suited for you.

Simply go through the content ideas and adopt them to the nature of business and you are good to go. No matter what you sell online, these ideas generally can be useful to any business. 

Before we start unrolling the ideas, quickly add these social media marketing tips to your social paraphernalia.

Some quick social media marketing tips to keep in mind

The 110+ social media post ideas work perfectly well and we will keep updating it with what works as soon as we have new research results.

However, to achieve complete success on social media, here are three(3) important things you need to know and practice.

Quality content always wins on social

With the millions of contents that go up on social platforms per second, it is no longer news that trash content will go from your computer to the archive and nobody will notice your business. 

Now that sucks…

People are not interested in meaningless chit chats or un-relatable tweets and posts, people want to see what they are familiar with, people want to get inspired to take a decision.

We want to see a different angle to something common, we want to hear your personal opinion about something like a popular misconception in your industry.

We want to see the face(s) behind the brand, that’s what gets attention.

Variety is better

You don’t want to bore your audience with monotonous communications. I see a lot of brands fail here, being too rigid with their corporate identity and forgetting to pleasure their social media customers with varieties.

This is a regular item on the agenda on meetings with our social media management clients.

We found that It’s easier for clients to let you do a giveaway, other than to let you spice up communications with variety.

For example, you don’t want to promote your own products or content five days in a row or share nothing but quotes for weeks non stop.

Your feed will become a snooze-fest, and your tweets a humdrum.

So, be sure to mix up the type of content that you’re sharing.

Consistency is key

Consistency is key to achieving anything and social media success isn’t excluded. The idea is to be on the right track and to keep doing it daily.

Posting contents once in a week or two is not healthy for your business. Aside from the fact that social media platforms don’t like epileptic posting and will punish your page, your customers too will go cold and even forget that you exist.

Remaining relevant is equal to being consistent with doing the right thing, regardless of how little you do daily. 

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to post 3 – 5 times a day to get results.

While a high frequency does work, true results are achieved with a frequency you can maintain consistently.

Unfortunately, a consistent feed is near impossible for busy entrepreneurs and small business owners to maintain.

Which is why the best way to ensure that you’re posting relevant content to your social media audience in a consistent way is to use a well planned out calendar.

At ContentMarketer, we can’t overs-tress the importance of using a social media content calendar.

For all the clients we manage, a strategically planned out content calendar is among the first things we prepare before beginning to post and manage daily.

It gives us and the business the opportunity to spark and stack enough creativity in content development even before the dates of those posts.

We’ve seen small business owners who had experienced difficulties in being consistent with posting, which have resulted in a decline in their engagement and followership, testify to having seen tremendous improvement in engagement and followership because they became consistent with posting after using the content calendars we developed for them.

If you run a small business, or you are managing one, you need a well-planned out content calendar that will save you hours of thinking and planning content daily – we have done all the work for you – see image below.

Click here to learn more and get our done for you content plan.

Now unto the content ideas. 

We have grouped the 110+ ideas into 10 groups for easy classification and referencing, you can pick each category and use the ideas to plan contents in that bracket.

You can download the pdf version of the 110+ content ideas, paste it somewhere in your workstation or share with a colleague, and use it to develop your content calendar without stress. 

Enter your details below to download now.

What To Post

Post Photos and Videos

According to a research by BuzzSumo, posts with photos receive an average of 2.3 times more engagement than a post without plain texts.

Instagram even takes it to the extreme to mean that you cannot make a post without a photo or video. 

This goes to show you the importance of using photos and videos in your posts, it has become really imperative if you must get your audience’s attention. 

Kind of photos and videos should you post

1. Before and After:

Everyone loves a good transformation. The transformation you share can be personal or related to your business.

You could share before and after photos of your website redesign or your revamped branding. 

2. Throwback Thursday: 

Social media post ideas

A post from some years ago usually does the magic here.

3. Screenshot: 

For a screenshot post, you just take a screenshot of text you want to highlight and post it to social media as an image.

4. Demo or screen capture:

A video demonstrating something is a fantastic way to position yourself as an expert and provide exceptional value to your audience. 

5. Friendly “selfie”

You could share a photo of you standing at the water cooler in your office that looks like you’re having a friendly conversation with your followers.

6. Caption request:

Create a post and ask your followers to give it a caption.

7. Behind the scenes:

Give your audience a glimpse of what happens behind the scenes of your business and share a photo or video of your hand at work.

8. Changeable letter sign:

These photos are fun to create and the possibilities are endless. First, jump on Amazon and get a changeable letter sign or lightbox. Then, put a funny saying or inspirational quote on the sign and take a photo.

9. Sneak peek:

Show your audience what you are working on with a short video or photo. Create a sense of excitement for what’s to come!

10. Make a statement:

Do you have a t-shirt, coffee mug, or other item with a fun quote or saying on it? Take a photo of it and share it on social media.

11. Flat lay or styled image:

The flat lay is huge on Instagram and you can flat lay anything. Creating a flat lay image is as simple as arranging items on a flat surface and taking a photograph of them straight from above.

Show Expertise

12. Industry article:

Share an educational or informative article related to your niche topic or industry.

13. Answer a FAQ:

If a few people have asked the question, more than likely there are more people in your audience who will benefit from the answer.

14. Ask me anything:

Make a post announcing that people can ask you anything for the next 30 minutes.

15. What’s working now:

Share what’s currently working well for your customers or your business. If you’re a Mom blogger, share a new activity idea or discipline method.

16. Featured expert:

Share an article, podcast, video, TV show, industry event, etc. where you were featured as a guest expert or speaker. If you don’t have those, you can share one from your business mentor.

17. Award winner:

Share an award or accolade you or your business has received.

18. How-to video:

Share a video detailing the steps on how to do something very specific that appeals to your ideal customer.

19. Live one-on-one coaching:

This post idea actually generates multiple posts! First, make a post offering to give a free live coaching session to one person who comments on the post. You can give them free advice, conduct an audit, answer questions, etc.

20. Common mistakes:

Share a mistake you typically see your customers or competitors make.

21. Industry fact

Share a fun fact about your industry or niche.

This can be as simple as a quote from a great article, but be sure to include the link. 

22. Infographic:

Share an infographic with helpful tips or information for your audience.

23. Time-saving tip:

Share a tip that will help your audience be more efficient and save time.

24. Money-saving tip:

Share a tip that will help your audience save money.

25. Quick hack:

Share a super simple hack to a common problem your ideal customer faces.

26. Solve a problem:

Have you discovered a simple solution to solve a problem you’ve experienced?

Chances are your audience has the same problem.

Solve their problem and share your solution!

Ask a Question 

27. Take a poll:

Test new ideas with your audience by posting a poll. Facebook has a polling feature you can use when making a status update and Instagram has a polling feature within Stories.

28. Request feedback:

Asking your audience for direct feedback is a great way to gain valuable insight on what improvements to make, and which content, products, or services to create next.

29. Ask for predictions:

Ask your followers to share their predictions about a trend within your industry or a current event.

30. This or that:

You don’t need a long introduction, simply list two items and let the debate unfold.

31. Would you rather.

An example, “Would you rather have free Starbucks for a year or free iTunes for a lifetime?”

32. If you could.

“If you could” questions are a lot of fun and you can get really creative with what you ask.

33. What’s your favorite?

Get your audience commenting with simple questions like “What’s your favorite restaurant” or “What’s your all-time favorite movie”?

34. Fill in the blank:

Fill in the blank questions ask your audience to fill in the blank to a statement you provide.

34. Brain test:

Ask a question that the answer is not so obvious, get your audience guessing or if possible get them to bring out their calculator and do some math.

social media post ideas

35. You think you know?

This type of content is simple but is a great way to connect with your audience and place yourselves in the same classroom. Test their knowledge about a particular subject.

36. Teasers

Found something trending in your country or industry? Ask people how they feel about it, or state how you feel about it.

Share Personal Stuff

37. Fun fact:

Share a fun fact about you (or your company history) that not everyone knows and allows your audience to get to know you better.

38. Hobby or passion:

Share a photo or video of you engaging in one of your hobbies or favorite activities.

39. Family time:

More than likely, your family is the most important part of your life so share that with your audience.

40. Cute kids or pets:

I dare you to find someone who doesn’t smile at a cute baby photos or laugh at funny cat videos.

41. Talk about your city:

If you’re out and about exploring your city, whether it’s in nature or an urban area, share it!

Tag your city in the photo to get more reach and followers.

42. Book you’re reading:

Let your audience in on what you’re currently reading or learning.

Whether it’s a fiction novel, a nonfiction self-help book, an educational resource or online course, your audience wants to know what you’re reading or listening to in your free time.

43. Relaxation time:

Not to mention, seeing a photo of you relaxing by a fire or drinking wine in front of the TV inspires your audience to also make time to relax.

44. Bucket list:

Share something on your bucket list that you would love to do someday!

45. Challenge:

Sharing your struggles with your audience cultivates trust and builds a deeper connection with your audience.

46. Vacation sneak peak:

Had a vacation? carry your audience along, it doesn’t have to be new, you could simply share an experience from a vacation you’ve had in the past and use that medium to share useful tips with your audience.

Loop In

There will come some days when everybody will be talking about the same thing, it could be a national day, a public holiday, a trending issue etc.

This category of the content plan is reserved to enable you join the convo on such days, in order words, loop your brand into the topic of discussion.

47. Federal or religious holiday

Holidays are easy to plan for, but be mindful of your audience.

If the majority of your followers live in the Nigeria, stick with Nigerian holidays.

48. National day / week / month:

For example, National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Democracy Day or National Donut Day.

No matter your niche, you can find a day to celebrate.

49. Special event:

Are you hosting or attending a special event? Headed to a big industry conference? Competing in your first-ever 5K race?

Make a post about it and tag the location and the event (if possible) to get more engagement and followers!

50. Industry news or update:

Share something new that’s happening within your industry. You could share an article or offer your opinion.

51. Trending topic or news event:

Is there a major news event everyone is talking about?

Share your thoughts on it or share an article with an interesting perspective.

52. Viral video:

Jump on YouTube/IG and see what videos are trending.

Make sure to include a teaser in your description that entices your audience to watch the video.

53. Special dates like leap year:


Inspiration is key in today’s social media communications, your customers expect you to be so many things, including source of strength to help them pull through their day.

You need to build inspiration into your daily/weekly communications plan

54. Inspirational quote:

Inspiring quotes tend to get a lot of likes and shares on social media.

You can create beautifully styled quotes using a design tool like Canva.com or apps like PicMonkey.

55. Overcame fear:

Being human on social media is rare virtue, one way you can begin to connect with your audience with that human feeling, is to share your moments of fear and doubts with your audience.

The goal is to enable them to learn something from your down moments and pull through whatever they may be going through. 

Remember they are looking up to you.

56. Origin story:

Starting a business is no easy task.

Motivate and inspire your audience by sharing the story about how you started your business.

What or who inspired you to create your business and become an entrepreneur?

57. Share a win:

Share a recent win or success in your business or personal life.

Did you get exciting news? Did you achieve a certain goal? Did your child receive a special award or win an important sporting event?

58. Overcome an obstacle:

Share a recent disappointment or “failure” in your business or personal life and how you overcame it.

Just remember to keep the post uplifting and motivational and focus more on perseverance and lessons learned and less on the obstacle.

59. Motivating mantra:

Do you have a mantra or affirmations you say to keep you motivated to accomplish your goals?

Share them with your audience! If you represent a company, share the company values.

60. Helpful routines:

Do you have a morning ritual or nightly routine to help you stay energized, focused, healthy or positive?

If so, share it with your followers! People are always looking for ideas on how to make small improvements to their lives.

61. Inspiring person:

Share a story about someone you admire or find inspiring. This could be someone you know personally or a celebrity you’ve never met.

Share how they have impacted your life or talk about the lessons you’ve learned from them. Don’t forget to tag them in the post!

62. Spread joy:

A quick scroll through social media is often filled with negative posts and news.

Be a source of joy and laughter with a funny meme, joke, or story.

63. Balance tip:

Share a helpful tip with your audience on how you manage stress and balance work-life responsibilities.

Share Your Favorite Stuff – Favs

Sometimes your audience want to get inside your head and see what drives you, sharing your favorites with them is one way to spark a conversation and get them to connect with you even more.

64. Favorite book

65. Favorite podcast

66. Favorite YouTube channel

67. Favorite online course

68. Favorite tool or resource

69. Favorite product or service

70. Favorite influencer

71. Favorite guilty pleasure

72. Favorite movie of 2019

Daily Hashtags 

73. #SundayFunday

74. #MotivationMonday

75. #TuesdayVibes

76. #WednesdayWisdom

77. #TBT (Throwback Thursday)

78. #FridayNight

79. #SaturdayMorning


Association is a great way to let your audience know that you care about them and that you are watching.

It tells your audience that you can relate with something.

80. Show gratitude

81. Fan photo

82. Cause you support

83. Interview a customer

84. Interview an expert

85. #WCW

86. M#M

87. @Mention a follower

Celebrate one of your followers by mentioning them and saying something nice about them, this passes a message to others that you truly care about them.

88. @Mention an influencer

Network with an influencer in your industry or any industry for that matter, it doesn’t have to be a collaboration or influencer campaign, just say something nice and @them. If they reply, that’s big publicity for you.

Their fans will also feel at home with you.

89. Thank your followers:

Celebrate your followers, make them feel like a part of your success – because they are.

When you reach a mile stone, pop a Champaign online, celebrate with your followers.

Promote Yourself – Self Promo

Stack of your content plan is something that promotes you and your expertises.

You should never let your audience doubt your relevance in the industry, keep your proficiency afresh by promoting what you do once in a while.

90. New content:

Share your latest blog posts, podcasts, or video. Give your audience a teaser of what they’ll learn or what problem you’re solving in the post.

If you don’t create content then share a new product!

91. Popular content:

Take a look at the analytics from your website and social channels to identify your most popular content.

Then, share it again. Chances are a large percent of your followers have never seen it.

92. Free download or resource:

List building is so important so share a worksheet, checklist, cheat sheet or other printable your audience can download for free from your website in exchange for their email address.

93. New product or service:

Share one of your products or services. Tell a story about how it solves a problem, saves time, or saves money for your ideal customer.

Don’t forget to include a link to a conversion-optimized landing page where your followers can purchase the product or service.

94. Popular product or service:

Tell a story about your top-selling product or service.

What makes it so great? What are customers saying about it?

95. Testimonial

Share a quote, testimonial or video from a satisfied customer.

This helps build your credibility and gives your audience social proof to what you’re trying to sell.

96. Promote your newsletter:

Let your audience know what special information or goodies your newsletter subscribers get and encourage your audience to subscribe

97. Promote other social profiles:

Do you have other social media channels where you’re sharing different content – such as Pinterest or YouTube?

If that’s the case, let your audience know what new gems they’ll discover by connecting with you on your other channels.

98. Run a contest / giveaway:

Encourage your audience to share your content with others or create a specific post on social media.

For example, if you sell t-shirts you could ask your customers to share a photo on social media of them wearing one of your t-shirts.

99. Promote a sale:

If you’re running a sale make sure to promote it on social media.

You don’t need an excuse to run sales, but it can help to run them around holidays.

100. Follower-only flash sale:

Run a 1-day flash sale ONLY for your social media followers.

This rewards your followers and gives them a great incentive to keep following you and engaging with your content.

101. Promote a launch:

Are you launching a new product or service? Don’t forget to promote it.

102. Competitive advantage:

What makes you or your business better than your competitors?

Share your competitive advantage and why you think someone should choose you over your competitors

103. Celebrate a milestone:

Is it your 1-year business anniversary? Have you served 1,000 customers? Did you hit 10,000 followers?

Whatever milestone you’ve hit, celebrate it on social media and share it with your audience

104. Feature your team:

If you have employees who help make your business great, share them with the world!

Profile an employee or member of your team and share why they add value to your business and to your customers’ lives.

105. Reintroduce yourself:

As your audience grows on social media, it’s important to occasionally reintroduce yourself and your business.

Share your core values, your strengths, and how you help others or offer up some fun facts to help your audience get to know you or your business better.

106. Share awards won:

Look back at the achievements you’ve had and re-celebrate them once in a while

107. Host a popular personality in an interview

Look outside your team, get other high value people within your space to discuss trending issues

108. Speak at events, and share with your audience

Speaking at events is a great way to demonstrate industry relevance, when you do receive those invitations, share the program with your audience.

109. Do a live Q & A

Take to your channel and host a AMA – Ask Me Anything.

110. Show your dashboard

Reveal your backend to your audience so they can see how you are implementing.

*You can use some protective tools to prevent people from stealing vitals.

111.Share a case study

Take a satisfied customer journey and do a proper case study showing how your business have been able to help them solve the problem that your product/services tackles.

Creating a social media content plan and process


You read to this point? Congratulations, you definitely know what to post now.

But that’s not all it takes, you need a strategic plan if not, your feed will simply be a stack of boredom.

So, it’s time to create a strategic plan and get a process in place to help you quickly create and schedule social media content.

If you want to see results from your social media marketing efforts, it’s essential that you use a content calendar.

When you stick to a working Social Media Content Calendar, you will definitely notice:

  • Increase in comments and likes
  • More followers
  • Boosted website traffic
  • Boosted website traffic
  • Streamlined social media process

That’s not all, for yourself you will

  • Free up hours of work 
  • Reduces stress and spark creativity.

If you’d like to see results with your social media marketing efforts, then click here to learn more about the Social Media Content Calendar.

social media post ideas

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